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Why Should You Contact Me?

Carly Agnew

It's a Whole New (and Ever-Changing) World

My passion for writing, photography and design began back in the Stone Age when dinosaurs roamed the earth.


You know, back when telephones had cords you got tangled up in and everyone learned to type on a Royal Typewriter featuring a handly little bell that rang when you approached the right margin...


When you had to wait for a reporter to tell you what was happening in the world and catalogs still arrived in your mailbox.

A lot has changed since then. We now have access to news 24 hours a day and can watch events unfold in real time. We can purchase anything we want and have it delivered to our door before we've even had our morning coffee.


So Who Needs a Marketing Strategist? 


The internet is bursting with new websites, blogs, video advertising, product reviews and more. It continues to transform everyday life and forces businesses to adapt to new marketing strategies. 

That's why every business needs an up-to-date website and an ever-evolving marketing plan focused on building relationships with their customers.


But honestly, do you have the time it takes to keep up with all that? Let alone invest in learning how to do it?

Here's Where I Can Help

Having a Conversational Copywriter who specializes in Digital Content Marketing opens new possibilities.

Imagine the satisfaction of knowing: 

  • your clients anticipate the arrival of your newsletter because its filled with relevant information

  • your web content is up-to-date, user-friendly and optimized for results

  • your customers receive timely communication from you on a regular basis

  • your presentations communicate your message clearly and are visually appealing

When you contact me, we will start with a free 30 minute discovery consultation. I want to get to know you as well as your company. I will ask questions to help develop an understanding of your business and identify areas I might be able to help. 


If we choose to move forward, I will develop strategies to meet your most urgent concerns first. Together, we'll create a marketing plan that works for you. 


Then you are free to focus elsewhere, knowing the communication and marketing aspects are taken care of each and every month. 


Ready to get started? 


For insight into how I can help you specifically, contact me today and schedule a free 30 minute discovery consultation. We can meet for coffee (or tea) virtually or in person. 


I look forward to meeting with you soon, 



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