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develop leadership agility to manage technical teams effectively


manage technical teams


Discover how agile leaders boost overall performance by identifying common industry challenges and developing necessary skills to manage technical teams effectively.

Develop Agile Leaders Who Manage Technical Teams Effectively



In the highly competitive field of technology and video gaming, leaders managing technical teams face unique challenges. From rapidly evolving technologies and ever changing regulation to hyper-growth and personnel turnover, these leaders often feel pulled in opposing directions. 


Agile Technology Leaders 


It’s not enough to just respond to changing times. Strong team leaders must learn strategies to identify potential problems, envision solutions and facilitate change while supporting their team and delivering cutting-edge innovations consistently. 


Intense workloads, looming deadlines, and short production cycles add more obstacles to overcome. Technology leaders must develop agility in order to balance these demands with the seemingly impossible task of building a cohesive team of talented individuals. 


Embrace Team Diversity 


Gone are the days of sharing ideas on the way to a planning meeting or brainstorming over lunch at a nearby restaurant. Today’s technical teams often meet remotely and are comprised of members with significantly varied geographical and cultural backgrounds. 


This diversity allows for unlimited creativity but also poses unique challenges. Differing viewpoints, experiences and language barriers can lead to misunderstandings and a breakdown in productivity.


Enhance Soft Skills 


In order to optimize overall performance, technology leaders need to master communication skills. They must have the ability to delegate, reduce tension and resolve conflict while conveying a clear, concise vision. 


They need strategies to assess performance and provide feedback in constructive ways. They must be equipped to handle common personnel downfalls including social anxiety, imposter syndrome, disengagement and burnout. 


According to researchers, the importance of soft skills, including emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility, continue to increase and are a must for leaders managing tech teams.


Mandy Simpson, chief digital officer of Z Energy, puts it this way, “Going forward, I am so keen that we don’t train talent only in technical capabilities. We should also teach adaptability, empathy, and other emotional capabilities —they’re what enable us to be good humans in the workplace.”


A Decisive Solution


Providing opportunities for personal and professional development is key to enabling technology leaders and their teams to be resilient, agile and future-focused. At Frackbar Leadership, Inc. we specialize in equipping leaders in the technical and gaming industry to meet these challenges head-on. 


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Steven Patrick of GHI Technologies said, “This dynamic training is a must for any leader striving to maintain a competitive edge.”


By attending the Agile Leadership webinar, [link is disabled] participants will be able to identify specific areas limiting their team's performance and develop action steps to optimize overall productivity. 



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