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School Closed?

School is Cancelled?

Don't settle for Survival when you can Thrive.

“What? School is canceled? You mean my kids are going to be home all day? What on earth am I going to do with them?”


If your thoughts ran along these same lines, you’ve come to the right place.

Yesterday we heard the startling news that schools all across the country are closing for the foreseeable future. Suddenly, all familiar routines instantly changed as the implications of this disruption affects every fiber of our lives and culture.

But you don't have to panic.


Pause and take a deep breath. You can do this. You’ve been through a lot tougher stuff than this. And with the right mindset, you can do more than just manage the chaos.


You and your children can thrive!

But first things first. You need to decide what your primary goals need to be. This will help you choose what is significant and give yourself permission to let go of the rest.


Spend a few moments right now asking yourself some questions.


What is most important during this unsettling time? I’m sure you want your family to stay healthy and out of trouble. But what else?


Are you looking for ways to occupy their time? Just keep them busy? Not go crazy while being cooped up together?


Perhaps you want to make sure they don’t fall behind in school.

Let me encourage you to choose a more lofty goal.

  • How about deliberately reconnecting with your children? Strengthening your most important relationships?

  • Or creating lasting memories? You know, the ones your kids will still be talking about in 10, 20, even 50 years from now.

  • You could use this time to build their confidence. Teach them (and maybe yourself as well) to develop a growth mindset.

  • Or maybe you want to help ignite a passion that will inspire your child to reach new heights.

Instead of panicking, set aside your fears and ask yourself questions. You may even want to ask your kids some too. Then jot down your thoughts so you can build on them tomorrow.

Until next time, ponder the possibilities!

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