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Promotional Email



SUBJECT LINE: Receive our free gift of garden care today 



Dear {Sarah},


The vivid colors of Autumn foliage will soon fade signaling the return of Seattle’s winter drizzle. And although it may be far from your thoughts, it’s time to consider the garden once again and prepare your plantings for the cold, wet weather to come.


As our way of saying thank you, we would like to help you prepare for winter by “putting your garden to bed” without charge. 


This free service is one of the ways Green Leaf Lawncare takes extra precautions to ensure your gardens stay healthy and enhance the beauty of your home all year long.  


When you schedule your free “put the garden to bed” appointment, our crew will: 


  • Tidy the yard by cleaning up fallen leaves, taking out depleted annuals and removing other garden debris that won’t grow back next year.


  • Cut back your herbaceous perennials so your gardens are protected from invading pests seeking winter refuge and bacteria and fungal spores that harm new growth.


  • Insulate your plants reducing soil temperature fluctuations that cause damage during harsh freezing/thawing cycles.


  • Promote next year’s healthy plant growth by restoring nutrients to the soil.


  • Utilize shredded leaves, grass clippings and other beneficial foliage from your own lawn and gardens insuring no harmful microbes are introduced into your property’s unique ecosystem.


As you can imagine, this free offer is very popular and therefore our schedule fills up quickly.  So call our office at 1-800-000–0000 to schedule your “put the garden to bed” appointment today.





Bill Leighton

Green Leaf Lawncare, Inc


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