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Carly Agnew

Conversational Copywriter, Content Marketer

& Graphic Designer

Promoting product and/or service companies focused on:

Healthy Lifestyles & Outdoor Adventures



PO Box 51

Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816

A Bit About Me

Naturally curious, I love learning new things. I devour books, articles and life’s lessons. I enjoy discovering my next favorite restaurant and I delight in exploring new places.


I gave up the pursuit of perfection and set my feet on a new path. Embracing the life I’ve been given, I now cherish simple pleasures:  


Tasting that first sip of morning coffee

Glimpsing delicate wildflowers break through the snow

Feeling the resonance of a cello vibrate through me

Hearing my children laugh together

Savoring freshly-picked berries from my garden

Jumping in a pile of autumn leaves

Watching the sun set over the mountains


These moments of pure bliss delight my heart, bring me back into the present moment and remind me I am truly blessed.


Adventuring in the great outdoors also refreshes me, so I make time to get lost in nature as often as possible.


If you find yourself needing marketing strategies, give me a call, send me an email, or come find me along the trail and let’s chat about creative ways to reach your target audience with your life-changing message.


Work Experience

Skill Summary


  Conversational Copywriter


  Content Marketing Specialist


  Public Speaker






  Outdoor Adventurer


Silver Fern Strategies

Independent Owner/Contractor 

January 2021 - Present

  • Developing comprehensive marketing strategies focused on providing quality content for clearly defined audiences 

  • Improving SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and UX (User Experience) for better results

  • Researching, compiling and presenting solutions in a format that’s easy to consume, enabling potential customers to make intelligent buying decisions 

  • Ability to thrive in a deadline driven environment while working as part of a team and independently 

  • Combining emotional appeal with technical excellence to support each step of the buyer’s journey 

Sharp Pens


January 2016 - January 2019

  • Organizing and promoting teen creative-writing events 


  • Developing content & creatives for a non-profit organization 


  • Overseeing marketing & spearheading fundraising campaigns


  • Engaging target audiences through verbal & written communications 


  • Designing and delivering multi-media presentations that foster a fun, collaborative learning environment for students

Cedar Creek Academy

Home Educator

September 2002 - June 2021 

Teacher, Principle, School Nurse, Cheer-leader, Janitor, Gourmet Chef, Chief Bottle Washer...


If you've ever homeschooled your children, you understand what it means to be responsible for everything that happens (or fails to happen) regarding your children's education.

If you haven't homeschooled your children, there is nothing I can say that will adequately explain my work experience.


However, the fact that I taught for 19 years says a lot. Either I wasn't half bad at it...  or I'm crazy.

The Portrait Parlor

Freelance Photographer

October 1992 - October 2003 

  • Event Photographer - I capture images that document the special moments happening before, during and after special events. I photograph birthday celebrations, anniversaries, galas, fundraisers, conferences, award ceremonies and more.

  • Wedding Photographer - I utilize a variety of photographic styles including: portrait, landscape, fashion, conceptual and candids to capture the best moments of your big day.

  • Professional, Family and Senior Portraits - I focus on capturing more than just a great image. Your portraits should represent your style, your personality... the very essence of who you are and aspire to be.

  • Commercial - I enhance websites and digital/print marketing campaigns by capturing photographic images that express the heart of your mission.

Four Seasons Outdoor Outfitters

Adventure Guide

May 1995 - October 1997 

  • White Water Rafting Adventure Guide in Beautiful North Idaho - Treating guests to the stunning beauty of the Upper St. Joe River on Class II and III rapids.  

  • HorseBack Riding Trail Guide in Farragut State Park     ​