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Strategic Customer Personas

Hey there! I’m excited to share one of my favorite things about getting ready to develop a content marketing strategy for your business. And that’s the process of creating Strategic Customer Personas.

It may seem crazy, but I love watching the images of our target customers develop. It reminds me of working in the photo lab years ago.

I’d wait in the darkroom, staring with excitement at a blank piece of photographic paper, anticipating the moment the image would begin to appear. Then I’d watch with fascination as the facial structures developed. The process never ceased to amaze me.

The same it true with marketing.

We start with a fuzzy image, a vague idea of who we are trying to reach.

Before we can write killer email subject lines, dazzling copy, creative ads, effective lead magnets or outstanding newsletters, we’ve got to understand what our customers want — and be prepared to give it to them.

So... Do you know what your customers are passionate about?

What goals or interests they have? What concerns them? Or keeps them up at night?

If we don’t have this understanding, no matter how seamless our marketing strategy becomes, it won’t be able to reach its full potential.

Knowing exactly who we are marketing to and being able to describe them in a way that influences our marketing decisions is vital to reaching new customers. In fact, our ability to develop comprehensive Customer Personas is key to being able to market your product or service well. Knowing and understanding all the different groups we want to reach is foundational to writing compelling copy and implementing effective marketing campaigns.

Ready to Get Started?

We’ll begin by gathering your team. Following the 7 steps to Creating Strategic Customer Personas, we’ll brainstorm ideas and capture some snapshots of your target audience. Together, we’ll start developing the images of your ideal customers.

Next, I’ll take those snapshots we created and dig deeper. Through market research and in-depth analysis, I will flesh out these personas, creating a unique avatar, a crystal-clear mental image, of each of the market segments we identified in our team session.

These customer personas will come to life as we:

  • Discover unifying characteristics that enable us to segment your customers, allowing us to target each group with unique messages that capture their attention.

  • Identify their interests, values, goals and concerns so we can position your product or service in such a way that makes your potential customer’s life easier.

  • Get to know your audience in order to build and reinforce relationships that lead to satisfied customers and brand loyalty.

You’ll be amazed how these customer personas offer instant definition, clarifying exactly who your potential customers are and revealing the best ways to reach them with your message, product or service.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I’d venture to add, without a clear picture of your target audiences, no amount of words will reach them.

Well-crafted Customer Personas are picture perfect! In no time at all, you’ll see how these critical tools transform your marketing strategies and become vital keys to business growth.

If you are interested in discovering how Customer Personas can transform your marketing efforts, l'd love to chat with you.


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